Welcome to PoiEditor

Easily download, customize and send POI data to your Device!

Only works with POI Data from Garmap South Africa

PoiEditor is a software solution package for downloading and customizing road safety data! The software makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest road safety data also know as POI's(Points of interest), it also applies your personal preferences to the downloaded data. The PoiEditor also sends the data to your garmin device or SSD Card by utilizing the garmin Poi loader software.

The Road Safety data (POI's) is gathered by the garmin user community and send to Garmap. The Garmap team then reworkes the road safety data and makes it available for the garmin user community.


Road safety data download

PoiEditor will handel the download and file management for you with a click of a button. You only need to be connected to the internet, no need to go to the website, browse for the data, and select a download location on your computer.

The software will do version checking of the POI data for you. Older versions of the POI data is archived automatically

Personal Preferences

You can have multiple user profiles each with there own settings. These personal preferences are applied to the road safety data.

Send the road safety POI's to your Device / Memory Card

Sending the data to your device is as easy as 1,2,3. With the press of a button PoiEditor will interact with garmin's Poi Loader software and send the data to your device in one quick and easy step.